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Our consultants have a thorough understanding of the courses they deliver. They also partake in ongoing training and attend refresher courses in order to ensure the quality of material that we deliver and the methods used for delivery are of the highest standard and focused on our clients needs.

If, as a consultant, you have qualities and services which would enhance our portolio, and you would like to join our team, please do contact us giving us brief details. A member of our management will then be in contact to discuss the matter further.

Meet Our Consultants :-

Rachael Hewitt-Gray – Employment Consultant

Rachael works alongside Target Training as the Employment consultant for the company. She is highly skilled in consultations, negotiations, change management, closures, redundancies, acquisitions and due diligence processes. Rachael has worked in many senior positions, during the past 15 years. In addition she has spent seven years sitting on employment tribunals. Rachael’s knowledge and skill is underpinned by: being a Charter Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development, Holding a Masters degree in Strategic Change Management, Holding Psychometric Testing Qualifications and she has also completed ACAS training as a workplace mediator.

Pranay Paw – Business and Pharmacy Consultant

Pranay is the Managing Director of Prima Healthcare Ltd and a pharmacist by profession. He is an entrepreneur by nature and has been involved in a number of diverse business sectors. His strengths are in appraising businesses opportunities. This together with his ability to evaluate and, if necessary, change business processes make him an ideal consultant for those intending to start their first business or grow their existing one. He also acts as a Pharmacist Consultant for a national pharmaceutical wholesaler and has special interest in retail pharmacy contracts. He also has experience, of over 15 years, sitting on employment tribunals.

Dheeraj Gupta – Web Design & Software Development

Dheeraj has over 10 year experience working in the IT industry. Specialising in web design and development, he has sucessfully launched more than 50 portals, and still adding more to his ever expading portfolio. He is a trained IT consultant and also helps our clients with software and security issues.

Anil Mittal - Care Home Consultant

Anil has over 30 years nursing experience, together with a Masters in Law, and has been a Nursing Home proprietor as well as a CSCI Inspector. Having also worked as a manager and regional manager within large Care Home groups, this gives him an in depth knowledge of the care sector, both in terms of regulatory and financial aspects. Over the last 6 years, he has been involved in various projects to include supporting Care Homes through warning and enforcement notices and also helping manage Homes which have been threatened with cancellation of registration with CQC. Anil also works with Home owners to ensure compliance with regulations by carrying out audits and advising on their outcome.

Ali Moosa – Employment & Health and Safety Consultant

Working alongside Target Training, Ali has over ten years experience in industrial relations. He has experience and qualifications in teaching adult learners in industrial relation, diversity, health and safety and globalisation. He also represents clients in employment tribunals nationally and is a lay member of the Birmingham Employment Tribunal

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